Pep Band

Pep Band plays during five (5) home girls’ and five (5) home boys’ basketball games. Playing at these games are considered performances and will be part of the students’ grades.


CEHS Pep Band is a commitment to a group activity that seeks to reward members with a positive team experience in addition to supporting the East basketball teams. Excellent attendance is a requirement for all members.

Excused Absences Include:

  • Family events/vacations that are cleared with directors before the 3rd week in November.
  • Church events cleared with directors before the 3rd week in November.
  • Special events for the student cleared with directors before 3rd week in November.
  • Students that stay home from school due to sickness are not required to attend extra-curricular events.

Unexcused Absences Include:

  • Personal problems (girlfriend/boyfriend trouble, etc.)
  • Work
  • Homework issues due to a lack of planning.
  • Extra credit opportunities or work due for classes that could have been fulfilled at some other time.
  • Ongoing or habitual issues with transportation to and from rehearsals and events.
  • Ongoing or habitual issues with tardiness to rehearsals and events.


Students that struggle with numerous sicknesses, or struggle with a long-term sickness, or injury may opt for other assignments and be released from the pep band commitment/expectations.


At the director’s discretion, missed teamwork commitments due to any absence may need to be “made up” in a timely manner. Depending on the timeliness and importance of necessary make up work, in some cases, make up work may need to be completed before student is allowed to participate in the next rehearsal, performance, or contest.


Any unexcused absence will result in the lowering of the student grade for the nine week period. Three (3) unexcused absences or excessive tardiness may result in the removal from the ensemble and band class for the remainder of the semester.

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